How to Join


Troops 737 adhere to the BSA age requirements for membership. In order to join a Scouts BSA Troop a Scout must:

Be 11 years old, have completed the 5th grade and be at least 10 years old, or have earned the Arrow of Light Award. A Scout may remain active in a Scouts BSA Troop until his or her 18th birthday.

Scouts that do not meet the minimum age requirements are encouraged to join a Cub Scout Pack.

Troops 737 encourage prospective Scouts to visit our Troops, maybe even more than once, before joining. It is good for a prospective Scout to see how a Troop functions and to find out if it will be a good fit.

We are pleased that you are considering joining one of our Troops. It is our hope that your time with our Troops will be fun and rewarding. For more information regarding the Scouts BSA program, please visit Scouts BSA

Once you have decided to join, a little paperwork and a uniform are in order! Our Troops have registration forms (both youth and adult) available for your convenience.

To find out more about our Troop, Contact Us via email here

Uniforms are required after joining a Troop. The general uniform guidelines for Troops 737 are as follows:

  • Class A Uniform

  • Tan Shirt

  • Shoulder epaulets

  • US Flag Emblem

  • Council Shoulder Emblem

  • Troop Number

  • Current Badge of Rank

  • Neckerchief and slide

  • Belt (doesn’t have to be official BSA)

  • Green Pants/Shorts (doesn’t have to be official BSA)

  • Socks (not bright or visually distracting)

Scout uniforms, as well as additional applications, are available at the Scout Shop located at:

Frederic C. Hamilton Scout Headquarters10455 W 6th Avenue, Suite 100Denver, CO 80215

Uniforms are also available online at

Parents that are active in the Troops help Scouts remain active in the Troops! We encourage at least one parent/guardian of each Scout to register with the Troop. Adult leadership roles include Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Treasurer, Fundraising, Advancement, Activities, Transportation, Re-charter, Merit Badge Counselor, H.A.LO. (Head Adult Leader Organizer) or Committee Member. For more information regarding any of these positions, feel free to reach out to our Scoutmasters or Committee Chair.