Our Charter

Every BSA Troop has a charter organization that is granted a charter by the BSA. A chartered organization can be a place of worship, school, or other community group that has similar interests as the BSA. In the case of Troops 737, our chartered organization is Evergreen Lutheran Church. (www.evergreenlutheran.org). As the chartered organization of Troops 737, Evergreen Lutheran Church provides the Troops with weekly meeting space and a Troop garage and storage shed. In return, Troops 737 support Evergreen Lutheran Church by providing volunteers for many of the church’s ministries and activities such as the Grove Sale, annual church clean-up day, and Scout Sunday. The institution head, or leader of the chartered organization, often appoints a person to act as a liaison between the chartered organization and the BSA Troops. This person is referred to as the chartered organization representative and is a direct link between the chartered organization and the Troops. Currently, the chartered organization representative is both a member of Evergreen Lutheran Church as well as a member of Troops 737. Evergreen Lutheran Church is located at 5980 Highway 73, Evergreen, CO 80439 and can be reached at 303-674-4654.

Evergreen Lutheran Church