Troop Committee

Please contact the Committee Chairman ( about vacant positions or with changes in contact information. For a description of position responsibilities, click here.

Administration Subcommittee

Chairman: Kirstin Pulioff

Assist. Chairman: Vacant

Secretary: Vacant

Assist. Secretary: Vacant

Rechartering Coord.: Vacant

Assist. Rechartering Coord: Vacant

Fundraising Coord.: Vacant

Assist.Fundraising Coord.: Vacant

Adult Volunteer Coord and Training Coord.: Vacant

(Equiv. Scout Position: Troop Scribe)

Treasurer: Tristan Wardell

Assist. Treasurer: Vacant

Webmaster: Michael Force

Assist. Webmaster: Vacant

(Equiv. Scout Position: Webmaster)

New Family Contact: Vacant

Chaplain: Art Gutierrez 303-674-4391

(Equiv. Scout Position: Chaplain's Aide)

Pack Liaison Coord.: Dan Osborn

Assist. Pack Liaison Coord.: Vacant

Pack Liaisons

(Equiv. Scout Positions: Den Chiefs)

Pack 39: Vacant

Pack 50: Vacant

Pack 119 Alex Eves

Pack 238 Vacant

Pack 285 Vacant

Pack 400 Christy Pond

Pack 435 Alan McCabe

Pack 497 Vacant

Pack 507 Vacant

Pack 642 Ingred Palmer

Advancement Subcommittee

Chairman: Cheve Meyer

Assist. Chairman: Vacant

Review Board Coord.: Lindee Bly

Assist. Review Board Coord.: Vacant

COH Coord.: Vacant

Assist. COH Coord.: Vacant

Merit Badge Coord.: Vacant

Assist. Merit Badge Coord.: Vacant

(Equiv. Scout Position: Librarian)

Service Proj. Coord.: Vacant

Assist. Service Proj. Coord.: Vacant

Trail to 1st Class: Dave Kraemer

Assist. Trail to 1st Class: Vacant

1st Class to Life: Bill Plaehn

Assist. 1st Class to Life: Vacant

Life to Eagle: Bill Westfall

Assist. Life to Eagle: Vacant

Activities Sub-Committee

Transportation Czar: Vacant

Assist. Transportation Czar: Vacant

Quartermaster: Vacant

Assist. Quartermaster: Mark Bly

(Equiv. Scout Position: Quartermasters)

Summer Camp Coord.: Vacant

Assist. Summer Camp Coord.: Vacant

Youth Prot. Coord.: Vacant

Assist. Youth Prot. Coord.: Vacant

Uniform Coord.: Vacant

Assist. Uniform Coord.: Vacant

OA Coord.: Vacant

Assist. OA Coord.: Vacant

Scout Show Coord.: Bill Westfall

Assist. Scout Show Coord.: Vacant