Troop Committee

If you're interested in serving in a leadership position in the Troop that is great news! Please reach out to Cheve Meyer at one of our weekly Troop meetings or contact him via email at

Currently Filled Positions: 

Troop Committee

Chairman: Cheve Meyer

Chartered Organization Representative (COR): Mark Bly 

Treasurer: Bethany Van Mill

Webmaster: Charles Fleet
(Equiv. Scout Position: Webmaster)

Chaplain: Art Gutierrez
Contact: 303-674-4391
(Equiv. Scout Position: Chaplain's Aide)

District Liaison: Hugh Jones

Advancement Sub-Committee

Advancement Chairman: Brian Stephens-Hotopp

Review Board Coord.: Paul Martin

Trail to 1st Class Coach: Hugh Jones

1st Class to Life Coach: Hugh Jones

Life to Eagle Coach Boys Troop: Travis Leonard

Life to Eagle Coach Girls Troop: Maria Meyer

Activities Sub-Committee

Youth Prot. Coord.: Andrea Wardell

Uniform Coord.: Charles Fleet

OA Coord.: David Eppler

Philmont Coordinator: Mike Blanton


Girls' Scoutmaster: Lisa Hansen

Girls' Asst Scoutmaster(s): Lindee Bly, Maria Meyer

Boys' Scoutmaster: David Eppler

Boys' Asst. Scoutmaster(s): Ash Thorne, Charles Fleet, Shannon Farrell

Open Positions:

If any of the positions below don't look right you can be an assistant to any currently filled position!

Troop Committee

Secretary: Vacant

Rechartering Coord.:  Vacant

Fundraising Coord.: Vacant

New Family Contact: Vacant

Pack Liaison Coord.: Vacant
(Equiv. Scout Positions: Den Chiefs)
(Packs 39, 50, 119, 238, 285, 400, 435, 497, 507, 642)

Advancement Subcommittee

Court of Honor Coord.: Vacant

Merit Badge Coord.: Vacant
(Equiv. Scout Position: Librarian)

Service Proj. Coord.: Vacant

Activities Sub-Committee

Outdoor Coordinator: Vacant 

Transportation Czar: Vacant

Quartermaster: Vacant
(Equiv. Scout Position: Quartermasters)

Summer Camp Coord.: Vacant

Scout Show Coord.: Vacant