Head Adult Leader Organizer (HALO)


Troop 737 HALO Guide


The HALO is a volunteer adult who champions an event or initiative for the troop. This good egg helps plan the event, coordinates, and publicizes it. In short, they are responsible for making the event or initiative happen. The event might be a campout, a special troop meeting (e.g. elections), a day activity, even an adopt-a-troop program. Here are some RULES for being a HALO (well, they're more like guidelines, Arrr):

  • You DO NOT need to hold any adult leadership position in the troop
  • Like Noah’s Ark, we would like two HALOs for each event (HALO and Co-HALO)
  • You can ask for help at any time from anyone, including Junior Assistant Scoutmasters, committee members, ASMs, or the Scoutmaster
  • You should delegate to scouts (I particularly like this one)
  • You can sign up and help plan, but not necessarily attend the activity as long as there are trained adults attending
  • You can sign up, change your mind, but you have to find a replacement in a timely manner
  • You can sign up, change your mind, change your name, dye your hair, and move away as long as you do what’s required
  • You do not need to know anything about the HALO war game or halo upper spine immobilizing medical devices
  • Understand how to put on a safe scouting event by reviewing applicable information here: https://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/healthandsafety/gss/gss08.aspx#a

What do HALO’s do?

About 2 months before event (or more depending on the activity)

· Review Activity Checklist and start working on the details.

· Contact former HALO for the event and get a brain dump!

· Attend PLC meetings, ASM/Committee meetings and gather information. Talk to folks – SM, Committee Chair, etc.

· Work with Adult Leaders to pick SPL

· Contact the venue to gather information, rules, restrictions, etc.

· Set activity cost

· Make sure there is a signup sheet in the book and the cost of the activity is included.

· Start Advertising to the troop:

o Add detail to the Troop through the Communication ASPL (or Troop Webmaster if needed).

o Circle time talks and Emails

About 1 month before event (depending on the activity)

· Continue to review the Activity Checklist.

· Accelerate communication - via Circle time, email

· Continue to Attend PLC meetings, ASM/Committee meetings to share information and get any help needed, decisions, etc.

· Start Reviewing the signup sheet for potential problems and for completeness:

o Enough Drivers

o Enough Adult Leaders – Trained and Untrained

o Payments are being made

o Permission Sheet is being signed

o Work with the Health Form Coordinator on health forms

About 2 weeks before event (depending on the activity)

· Continue to communicate - via Circle time, email

o Last minute changes

o Departure Details

· Come to Campout Prep Meeting:

o For Campouts: Print duty rosters, first page of meal planning worksheet and bring to prep

o Let SPL organize patrols and patrol meals, duty Rosters, etc.

o Get adult going on trip to do the adult food

o Take the signup sheets with you so you have them at departure time

At Departure time:

o Give signup sheet to SPL, he will take attendance. He will also start running the whole activity, let him!!!

o Get health forms from the Health Forms Coordinator

o If you are not going, give all the paperwork to the Adult leader in charge.

o If you are going, enjoy yourself!!!

One to Two weeks after activity:

o Complete Activity Log and submit to Advancement Chair

o Advancement Chair will ensure Scout records are updated and will post Activity Log for future use

o Prepare email to Quarter Master about any equipment issues.

o Provide photographs to the Troop Historian.


  • No adult leadership position required
  • No experience required
  • No public speaking required
  • No uniform required
  • Help plan and organize the activity with your Co-HALO
  • Infuse creative energy into the activity
  • Think outside the box
  • Bask in the glory of a well planned and executed safe scouting activity and the boundless gratitude of our scouts
  • Get fitted for your halo