Eagle's Nest

An Eagle Scout has always carried with it a special significance, not only in Scouting but also as he enters higher education, business or industry, and community service. That is why you are an Eagle Scout for life. The award is a performance-based achievement whose standards have been well-maintained over the years. Not every boy who joins a Boy Scout troop earns the Eagle Scout rank; only about 4 percent of all Boy Scouts do so. This represents more than 2.0 million Boy Scouts who have earned the rank since 1912. Nevertheless, the goals of Scouting (citizenship training, character development, and personal fitness) remain important for all Scouts, whether or not they attain the Eagle Scout rank.In 1971, two Evergreen Boy Scout troops merged to form Troop 737. The troop chose that number because a couple of the fathers of Scouts were pilots for United Airlines, and because the troop considered themselves “a high flying bunch.” Just two years later, Ray Davis II became the troop’s first Eagle Scout. Since that year, 737 has produced at least one Eagle Scout almost every year, some years awarding the rank to as many as seven boys. In 2008 we welcomed four more Scouts into the troop’s “Eagles Nest.” But what made that Court of Honor most special is that one of them represented the troop’s 100th Eagle Scout, and the event was attended by 39 Eagles from the troop. Those former scouts came from all points of the country to join in the celebration. It was a day of memories, laughter, and reunited friendships.

The list of accomplishments of 737’s Eagles is impressive. Among them you’ll find a cancer researcher, a South Pole scientist, a professor at West Point, successful businessmen, teachers, and outstanding students. They are the future of America. Below are the young men who have attained the rank of Eagle Scout since the troop was formed in 1971.

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More than 160 Eagle Scouts and Counting!