Weekly Post, Week of February 26, 2012

Post date: Feb 26, 2012 11:43:23 PM

Greetings Troop 737! We had a fantastic Klondike Campout. No one, including the scoutmaster froze this weekend at Golden Gate Canyon. The snow was really deep, but the sun was shining. Although we did not earn our polar bear patch, it was 13 degrees when we woke up, and the wind was howling with measured gusts at about 20 Knots. I don’t have an exact calculation, but the wind chill must have been well under zero. Just ask Mr. McCabe and the worry he had starting his truck! I would like to thank all the adults, too numerous to name, who braved the weekend and had a ball doing it. A special thanks goes to Mr. Riley for being HALO and getting us all set up for a great weekend. I would also like to thank him for the spectacular job with our retort meals, very nice not to have to wash pots!! And the food was delicious and warming. Also, a special thanks to our SPL for a spectacular job leading our troop, nice one Ian Smith!!

I would like to remind everyone going to Peaceful Valley summer camp that the second summer camp payment is due March 5th. The amount is: $75 if you have paid the $30 deposit and $105 if you are just signing up and/or have not yet paid anything.

Congratulations to our two latest Eagle Scouts; Eli Wulff and Andrew Mieloch. This is the achievement of a long time goal to for both of them that will last a life time. Please join me in wishing them the best and we all hope that they stay with the troop to serve as an inspiration for the rest of the scouts.

This week we have an Advancement and Troop Elections Signup Troop meeting. Don’t forget to sign up for the troop leadership position you want for the next six months. I will not be at this meeting as I have to travel on business. Mr. Catterson will be taking over for me at this meeting, please give him the same respect and support that you show me.


Reminder, below is the schedule for the Uniform Table at regular troop meetings for the rest of the year.

· March 19th

· April 9th

· May 7th

I want to remind everyone that they must have at least one Class B, uniform Tee Shirt, and I know that many of last year’s new scouts don’t have these yet. I recommend two for every scout going to summer camp! There are also a variety of other scout uniform items including troop hats, sweat shirts, neckerchiefs, etc. Please plan on stopping by next time it is set up:

Please read below for details on upcoming events, and always stay current with our Troop Calendar on the web site. This is the best way to have the most current information.

Service Patrol:

The service patrol for February will be the Nuclear Flaming Eagles!! All members of the Nuclear Flaming Eagles Patrol should be inside our meeting room no later than 6:15 to help set up for the meeting.

Upcoming Activities and Sign up & Payment Deadlines:

Troop Meeting – Advancement & Troop Elections Signup – February 27th at ELC:

· HALO: Mrs. Anderson

· Mr. Hoffman will be away on business, and Mr. Catterson will be the Assistant Scoutmaster in Charge of this meeting.

· Don’t forget to sign up for your first, second and third (at least) choice for troop leadership position. These positions will be in effect until after the next school year starts.

Pack 39 WEBELOS Crossover – February 28th, at 6:30 PM at CBC:

· HALO: Mr. McCabe and Mr. Osborn

· We need several scouts to conduct the crossover ceremony at the Pack meeting.

· We will try to get a signup sheet out this week. This is a great activity for first or second year scouts to visit their old Pack.

Personal Fitness Merit Badge – Starting March 1st at ELC, 6:00 PM

· HALO: Mrs. Roche

· Please see her separate email.

· Here is the schedule, these dates are also on the calendar:

o Thursday March 1st @ 6:00 PM (this week is at 6 PM instead of 7 PM due to Day Light Savings) REQUIRED! Initial testing and requirement #’s 6 & 7

o Tuesday March 13th @ 7:00 PM – Progress testing and requirement #’s 2 & 3. (Please note TUESDAY not Thursday)

o Thursday March 29th @ 7:00 PM – Progress testing and requirement #’s 4 & 5. (this is Spring Break week, don’t worry if you miss)

o Thursday April 12th @ 7:00 PM – Progress testing and requirement # 1.

o Thursday April 26th @ 7:00 PM – Progress testing and requirement # 9.

o Thursday May 10th @ 7:00 PM – Progress testing only.

o Friday May 25th @ 7:00 PM – REQUIRED! Final testing and requirement # 8.

New Scout and Parent Orientation – March 3rd at ELC, 8:30 AM until about 3 PM

· HALO: Mr. Catterson

· Lunch and a snack will be provided.

· Cost: $5 per new scout and parent participant for lunch and snack.

· Scout trainers show up at 7:30 PM on Friday evening for preparations and a sleepover. Eat dinner before you come and bring snacks and your movies. No cost to trainers!!

Troop Meeting – Troop Elections - March 5, 2012 at ELC:

· HALO: Mrs. Roche

· From Mrs. Roche:

Troop elections are coming up on Monday, March 5th. Most rank advancements (Star, Life & Eagle) require that a scout hold a leadership position for 6 months. This is your chance to sign up for a leadership position and fulfill the rank advancement requirement. Please go to the troop website (www.themountaintroop.com) and click on Scout Positions under the Leadership/Volunteering heading along the left side of the home page and read about the positions available. There will be descriptions and sign up sheets at the next couple of Monday meetings.

Quinzee Campout – March 10 & 11, 2012 at Tahosa:

· Sign up deadline February 27th.

· HALO: Mr. Trower

· Cost: $15 for meals and transportation costs.

· We will meet very early on Saturday Morning. Exact time is still TBD.

· Here is an email from Mr. Trower:

The Troop quinzee campout at Tahoso is quickly coming up, Saturday morning, the 10th of March, returning Suday afternoon the 11th. All scouts and adults that have winter camp training are welcome to attend. This is always a great event. Please sign up at this Monday's meeting to attend. The camp fee is just $15. During the Troop meeting on the 5th, we will do our camp prep for food and equipment. I will also be going over the proper way to build a safe quinze. I look forward to seeing you then,

Luther Trower

Troop 737 Quinzee Camp HALO

Peaceful Valley Summer Camp; July 08 to 14, 2012:

· HALOs: Steve Stalter and Allan McCabe

· The Signup and Payment Deadlines are rapidly approaching. The HALOs will be getting the registration login information soon and shortly after that will begin inputting names. Registration for Merit Badges is still a few months away, but you want to have your name entered so that on the day registration opens, the HALOs will be able to sign you up for your first choices.

· Cost: The fee for each scout for summer camp is $250. A$30 deposit is required for each scout to put their names in and we can register scouts on the Peaceful Valley Web Site as we get the deposit. The payment schedule is as follows:

o As soon as possible, a $30 deposit. We will register scouts by name as soon as we get this deposit

o March 5th, 30% including the $30 deposit.

o April 2nd,the next 30%

o May 7th, the final 30%

o The fee for the adults still needs to be determined by the number going. We get the first two slots for free, so we have some options.

District and Council News and Upcoming Activities:

2012 Big Horn Information: Summer 2012 dates are posted. If you are interested, more information will posted as it comes out. This training is required for all Scouts desiring to hold the Senior Patrol leader position.

Wood Badge Training - This course is offered in two parts. You must attend both weekends. Friday-Sunday April 13-15, 2012 and April 27-29, 2012.

Please go to this link for more details and registration information: http://www.timberlinedistrict.com/registration/calendardetail.asp?ActivityKey=1045319.

As always, please read the troop web site, especially the calendar, for the most current information on all upcoming and scheduled events.

Mr. Hoffman


Troop 737