Weekly Post, September 19, 2010

Post date: Sep 19, 2010 11:09:59 PM


Scoutmaster Invitational. Two thanks are required here. The first is to everyone - scouts and adults - who makes this troop great by selflessly volunteering their time to help, and in particular, to those who warranted a special invite to the SM Invitational Backpacking Trip. My second thanks is to those who attended the Invitational this weekend. We went to Buffalo Peaks Wilderness and hit peak fall colors and fantastic weather. It was a great trip in every way. Thank you and thank you.

Service Patrol for September - Stags. Please show up 15 to 20 minutes early to help set up tables, flags etc. for the troop meeting. Also, please plan on helping out after the meeting to put away chairs and tables. Thanks.

Monday, September 20. Court of Honor, 6:30-8:15 This is our first Court of Honor after Summer Camp, so there are a plethora of awards to present. This Court of Honor is a Camping theme and WILL BE HELD OUTDOORS on the west side of the church by the picnic tables. Please bring a folding chair to sit on and dress warmly. We will be eating indoors. Please bring your food to the upstairs kitchen. See food assignments below. This is also the last night to sign up for Physical Fitness MB and for the District Camporee.

  • Thups: Sun chips
  • Tigers: Granola bars
  • Alligators: Lemonade
  • Dragons: Top Ramen
  • Eagles: Hot dogs and buns
  • Flaming Arrows: Peach Cobbler
  • Panthers: Cherry Chocolate Cobbler
  • Stags: Trail mix
  • Serpents: Condiments for hot dogs ('sturd, relish, catsup...)
  • Stealth: Veggie tray.

District Camporee. September 24-27. Peaceful Valley. Mr. McLean is SMIC. We have left enrollment open until the Court of Honor. They have added ARCHERY AND TOMAHAWKS AT THIS YEAR’S CAMPOREE!!! They were able to track down the supplies so we are going to set up some ranges so the boys can do some shooting. Archery and tomahawks will be in addition to the already solid program we have planned. Again, we will have everything set so that Cubbies, Webelos, and Boy Scouts will be able to participate. In light of these new developments, we are GETTING RID OF LATE FEES!!! So, we will be able to register online for the $16 price till the day before the event and $12 for Cubbies and Webelos. A note from Mr. McLean:

Hello Scouts and parents,

Troop 373 is signed up to attend the Timberline District camporee next weekend, September 24-26, with 10 scouts and 2 adults (currently but not limited to that count). The event will be held at Pleasant Vally scout camp near Elbert, CO. As of the last meeting, only myself and 3 scouts have signed up to attend…we need at least a full patrol of 7-8 scouts and one more adult to sign up for this event is a go. Plus we will most likely need drivers for scouts and gear as well.

Next Monday’s meeting is a Court of Honor, if you would like to attend, please plan on signing up at the CoH and then staying a few minutes afterward to plan the outing.

If we cannot get a full patrol, we will have to cancel this event, so please sign up as it will be a lot of fun!


Dave McLean

Physical Fitness MB. Mr. Rebolloo will be doing the initial test for the Physical Fitness MB on 2 Saturday mornings, Sept 25th at 10 am, at Evergreen HS track and Oct 2 at 11:15 at Paragon Tae Kwon Do, in the Safeway center in Evergreen. Next to Anthony’s Pizza. Also will need the completed physicals (for summer camp) for each Scout as soon as possible. DEADLINE: YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP AT THE COURT OF HONOR.

Bummer. Fulford Cave Trip Cancelled. Mr. Gentile, the SMIC, discovered that apparently, White-Nose Syndrome is killing off the bat population, and all CO caves are closed for one year as of July 27, 2010. It has also killed our Fulford caving trip for this year. For more on the blight, see http://www.vaildaily.com/article/20100727/NEWS/100729776

Mr. Wickham, Scoutmaster