Weekly Post, October 6, 2013

Post date: Oct 7, 2013 1:50:45 AM

Hello Troop 737,

It is hard to believe that it is already October. Here is a list of upcoming events:

· October 7 Advancement and campout prep for Camporee. Service patrol is the Serpents. Please show up 15 minutes early to help set up. Citizenship in the Community, Veterinarian Medicine, American Heritage, Geology and Computers along with Programing. All Scouts who are not First Class or fairly close will need to meet in the kitchen area to work on Trail to First Class. Older Scouts, like the Troop Guide or Trainers, will help you on your requirements. If you are a Troop Guide or a Trainer this is your time to shine so please show up! Descriptions of all the Troop Leadership positions will be posted and scouts can sign up for Troop Elections for next week. Game: submarines and minefields.

· October 11 – 13 Timberline District Camporee. The theme for this year’s Camporee is "An 1860’s Frontier Village". Most of the activities will be themed around a Civil War and Mountain Man historical adventure. Pioneering, Indian Lore and associated activities are some of the most exciting and fun of the outdoor adventures in Scouting. The 2013 Fall Camporee will allow Scouts to test their Black Powder shooting skills, tomahawk throwing, and archery skills with other challenging events. This looks like lots of fun so sign up and join us!! If you have any Webelos or Cub Scouts they are welcome to come and visit for the day, but they must be accompanied by an adult.

· October 14 Troop Elections Service patrol is the Serpents. Please show up 15 minutes early to help set up. We will be electing Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders. There will be descriptions and signups for all the other Troop positions. All the other leadership positions will be assigned based on need and rank. You will need to sign up for a position at this meeting or the meeting before to be considered for a leadership position. Team building activities: Human knot, Tarp flip , Telephone

· October 18 Denver After Dark This is an all night adventure for Scouts who are 14 and over.

· October 21 ILST and PLC

· October 26 Winter Camp Training 8am – 3pm This is a very important training for our new scouts. You must attend this training once if you want to go on any of our outdoor winter camping trips, which is November through March! This is true for adults also. Every year we are asked to bend on this policy but we have never made an exception. The Leadership Team feels that this training is essential for safety of scouts and adults. We also want to make sure everyone has a good winter camping experience.

· November 10 KOA Radio station Tour Come see what goes on behind the scenes of a the KOA radio station during a Bronco grame.

· November 15 -17 Chatfield Reservoir Campout We will be hiking, biking, fishing and having a great time. Since this campout is so close, Scouts will be able to come and go. So, they can go to other activities like sporting events or band and come back to join us. There are very few good excuses for not coming to this campout. See you there!