Weekly Post, October 20, 2013

Post date: Oct 21, 2013 12:23:24 AM

Hello Troop 737,

REMINDER: We have a very special meeting tomorrow night, see below.

Congratulations to our new SPL, Mason Force. I am sure you will do a great job and I look forward to working with you. I am still working on the full slate of leadership positions which will be completed by the meeting tomorrow.

Thank you to Mrs. Robertson for organizing our Troop Elections. Everything went off flawlessly. I was especially happy to hear that you were willing to step up for the next election. Thanks.

Here is a list of upcoming events:

· October 21 Special speaker: Guard of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Service patrol is the Serpents. Please show up 15 minutes early to help set up. Everyone is welcome to this event and we encourage you to invite other scouts, friends or anyone else who might be interested in seeing this presentation.

· October 28 ILST and PLC This meeting is for all incoming and outgoing troop leaders. The outgoing leaders and the scoutmaster will take the incoming leaders through a training session designed to help get new leaders the skills they need to be successful. Then the new leaders will conduct a PLC with help from the outgoing leaders and plan the next month of scout meetings and activities.

· November 10 KOA Radio station Tour Come see what goes on behind the scenes of a the KOA radio station during a Bronco game.

· November 15 -17 Chatfield Reservoir Campout We will be hiking, biking, fishing and having a great time. Since this campout is so close, Scouts will be able to come and go. So, they can go to other activities like sporting events or band and come back to join us. There are very few good excuses for not coming to this campout. See you there! You will not need Winter camp training to go on this campout

· December 7 Winter Camp Training 8am – 3pm This is a very important training for our new scouts. You must attend this training once if you want to go on any of our outdoor winter camping trips, which is November through March! This is true for adults also. Every year we are asked to bend on this policy but we have never made an exception. The Leadership Team feels that this training is essential for safety of scouts and adults. We also want to make sure everyone has a good winter camping experience.

· December 13 – 14 Lock-in at Wulf Rec Center This is one of our most popular events. The pool, gym and gymnastics room will be open.