Weekly Post, November 21, 2010

Post date: Nov 22, 2010 12:44:54 AM


Service Patrol for November - Tigers. Please show up 20 minutes early and plan on staying a bit later to help with chairs, tables, flags, etc.

Scout and parent responsibility. For those that were not at last week's meeting, I will briefly summarize the point I made at circle. Scouts are not signing up in advance or at all for activities that they planned. Some scouts and parents are entirely unaware of upcoming activities. A lot of effort goes into planing activities, managing finances, working out logistics, promotion, making reservations, getting tour permits, and a dozen other efforts by our volunteers. While we hate to see scouts miss out, we simply cannot tolerate last minute signups or poor attendance for planned activities. Please be proactive and informed.

Monday, November 22 - 6:30, ELC. Science Night. All scouts are asked to prepare and bring a science project. As discussed at the PLC and indicated on the calendar, each patrol needs to coordinate on a single project. Parents are also asked to participate. PLEASE - NOTHING THAT WILL EXPLODE OR OTHERWISE CAUSE AN EVACUATION, 911 CALL, STAINED OR BURNED CARPET, OR MEMORY LOSS. We will have a guest speaker as well from NREL for a 30-45 minute presentation.

December 18-19 - Leadville Backcountry Yurt Trip. This is full. We will need to do some planning shortly to secure dates, so please watch for and respond promply to emails from our SMIC, John Thompson.

Upcoming activities - Check the calendar for details