Weekly Post, May 11, 2014

Post date: May 11, 2014 11:44:17 PM

Hello Troop 737

Happy Mother’s day to all Mothers. Thanks for all you do!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Church Clean up and the reorganization of the Troop trailer and garage. There was a great turnout and we got a lot done. I especially wanted to thank Patrick Winters who is our adult Quartermaster. Well done all!!

Two special notes about summer camp;

There are quite a few outstanding balances for summer camp and a few other campouts. At the committee meeting last week, it was decided that if your scout account is not paid in full by summer camp, scouts will not be allowed to attend. If this is going to be a problem please contact me or Wendy Barber, our Troop Treasurer.

Camp Dietler Parents: In order for our Troop to go to camp there needs to be at least 2 adults present at all times and it would be better if there were 3. Mike O’Connor has agreed to come the whole week and Dave Kraemer has agreed to cover the last haft of the week. We need at least one other parent to attend the first half of the week, July 6 – 9, or the scouts cannot go to camp. Can you cover for half a week or the whole week?

We have a very special program lined up for this week. We are going to see demonstration of some search and rescue dogs. The demonstration will probably be outside so dress accordingly.

At the beginning of this Monday night’s meeting we will be doing campout prep for the Sand Dunes Camping trip. All scouts and at least one representative from each family will need to be at this meeting, just after flags and attendance … about 6:40.

Mr. Westfall is also going to be gathering all the parents planning on going to Idaho this summer.

May 31 is our annual planning meeting. Come and shape the program and outings for the next year. This meeting is for scouts only but if anyone, including adults, has suggestions for programs or potential outings for next year, please email me. I will put them before the scouts and they will ultimately make up the schedule.

Upcoming signup deadlines

Sand Dunes Campout May 16 – 18 See above and below

Summer camp This is a not to be missed experience, where scouts can earn merit badges, learn scout skills, great fellowship with other scouts and have a great time. Sign up now and the earlier you pay the cheaper the fee. The in-state camp, Dietler at Peaceful Valley, is for first and second year scouts and all other scout who cannot go to Idaho. The date for this camp is July 6 – 12. We are looking for an HALO (Head Adult Leader Organizer) for this trip.

Island Park Camp in Idaho is for third year and above scouts. The date for this camp is July 19 – 27. All the scouts who have gone to this camp in the past have loved it. The first scouts to sign up and pay will get to go. When we fill up we will not be able to take any more.

Here is a list of upcoming events:

May 12 Troop Meeting 6:30 – 8pm Search and Rescue Dogs demonstration Campout prep for the Sand Dunes Campout Service patrol is the Diamondbacks. Please show up 15 minutes early to help set up. Come see this very cool demonstration. Meeting for the adults going to Idaho summer camp. Sharks and Minnows

May 16 - 18 Sand Dunes Campout Leave around 6pm on Friday and be back at ELC between 3 – 4 pm Sunday. This campout is a family campout so all parents and siblings are welcome to join us. This is a very unique place that is a lot of fun. Some of the potential activities include: climbing the dunes, running, skiing or boarding down the dunes, playing in the creek in front of the dunes, checking out all the cool bugs or just hanging out with your friends. There are also potential side trips to Zapata Falls, Sand Dunes Hot Springs Pool and the Alligator Farm. We have found a group campsite at the entrance to the Dunes but it is a little expensive. Total cost for the trip will be around $40 including food and gas. Campers and RVs are allowed in the campground but there are no hookups and it may be difficult to find a level spot.

May 19 Troop Meeting 6:30 – 8pm Court of Honor Service patrol is the Diamondbacks. Please show up 15 minutes early to help set up. All scouts who have achieved a new rank or merit badges since our last Court of Honor will be recognized. Also Trevor Roche will be holding his Eagle Court of Honor during this meeting. All parents are encouraged to come, especially Mothers.

May 31, 2014 Annual Troop Planning Meeting 9am – noon Come and shape the program and outings for the next year. If anyone, including adults, have suggestions for programs or potential outings for next year please email me. I will put them before the scouts and they will ultimately make up the schedule.

June 9 Parents only Camp Dietler Meeting 6:30 – 7:30pm Parents of scouts going to Dietler this summer, please come and learn the details of your scout's summer camp adventure. This is appropriate for scouts going with Troop 737 and the Super Troop.

June 16 Camp Dietler Parents and Scouts Meeting 6:30 – 8pm All Scouts going to Dietler this summer and new parents come and learn about how to be prepared for an awesome summer camp. Scouts will also be electing Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders.

· Other important dates: .

· June 20 – July 2 Philmont If you have signed up for Philmont, the first and second payments are due now. We still do have room so if you are at all interested, please sign up or contact me or Mr. Riley. Philmont is one of the premier scouting events of any scout’s career. All of the scouts and adults who went last time had an awesome time and highly recommend that everyone should take advantage of this opportunity. Troop 737 was VERY lucky to get a chance to go again so quickly. There is a very good chance that if you are 14 or older, you may not get another chance to go Philmont. If cost is an issue, please contact me and we will see what we can work out.

· Summer camps:

o July 6 – 12 Camp Dietler and Peaceful Valley Colorado

o July 19 – 27 Camp Island Park in Idaho