Weekly Post, March 14, 2010

Post date: Mar 14, 2010 9:16:48 PM

Greetings Scouts, Scouters, and Parents,

Tomorrow night is Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), Monday March 15. Regular time. This is not a regular troop meeting. It is attended by the PLC only, which is SPL, ASPLs, PLs (or APL is PL cannot attend), and Scribe must attend. Webmaster should attend if there are suggestions/comments on the website to pass along to the PLC. The outgoing PLC must attend. I am asking, however, that the incoming PLC also attend and observe. Mr. S will be overseeing the meeting in my absence.

Junior Leader Training, Saturday March 20. 9 am to 12 noon, Lower Fellowship Hall, ELC. Required for all outgoing and incoming position holders. Outgoing train incoming position holders. Class A's please. Please see Andy W if you have questions or concerns about the election results. Results are posted to the secure website here.

Timberline District Roundtable scheduled for April 1 has been rescheduled to April 8. The calendar will be updated once I can figure out how to change a recurring event. At this Roundtable, they will be holding Merit Badge Counselor training. This training is now required of ALL merit badge counselors. This will be a great opportunity for 737’s MB counselors to get the training and to get an introduction to Roundable. Car-pool. Also that night at Roundtable they'll be holding a session on “Life to Eagle.” It’s designed for both the L2E advisor in the troop, and for all Life Scouts.

April 5 Troop meeting will be at the Alpine Search and Rescue Center in Evergreen. You will need to go there for the meeting, not ELC. Regular time. See the website calendar for details.

Emergency Prep Merit Badge - Emergency Response Planning. The troop will be holding a search and rescue night to satisfy the 8a and 8b requirements. Let me know if you need these and stay tuned - we'll be planning the event at the next PLC.

Summer Camp Parents - I'm sure you saw the email from Mr. Johnson about summer camp. Island Park in Idaho is full, we have 20 scouts signed up with one on a waiting list. However as of right now we only have one adult signed up, and with twenty boys we will need at least three but preferably four adults to be at camp for the week in order to keep the two deep adult leadership that is required. This does not include drivers to and from camp, depending on the number of seats that the adults who are staying have plus the gear they will be taking. If we do not get enough parents to stay for the week we will have to cancel this camp, so if your boy or boys are going please consider spending the week with them. We would like to get the adults signed up as soon as possible before we have to start making payments, so please check your schedules. Peaceful Valley - as of right now we have room for more scouts, however we do not have any adults signed up to attend camp. With the current number of boys going we need at least three adults to stay for the week, more as the number of boys goes up. If you can only stay for part of the week please let us know. The number of drivers we need will be verified later. Please check your schedules and sign up. We would like to have at least half of the money for camp to be paid by the end of the month.

Troop Email - As you all now know, we ported our mass email server to GoogleGroups. You shouol have received several emails last week to this effect. The our safety, we won't be including the details of this effort to the announcements page.

This email group will continue to be used for last-minute notifications (i.e. cancelled events due to weather), as well as other important communications around troop activities. Make sure you frequently check the Troop web site at www.themountaintroop.com for a full list of announcements, calendar of events, and other resources and information.

Webelos Crossovers - Mr. Kerber is arranging the crossovers and will have a sign up book at the meeting. The goal would be to have a minimum of 4 scouts and two adults for each crossover. Den Chiefs must attend to receive credit for the position for advancement. Scheduled crossovers are:

  • Pack 400: Wed Feb 17 6:30 (Mountain High Christian Center; the church across 285 from Intercanyon Fire Station)
  • Pack 50: Thursday Feb 18 6:00pm (Evergreen High School cafeteria)
  • Pack 497: Thursday Feb 18 3:35 pm (Location TBD)
  • Pack 285: Friday Feb 19 6:30pm (Shepherd of the Rockies Lutheran Church - 106 Rosalie Rd, Bailey)
  • Pack 39: Tuesday Feb 23 6:30pm (Sanctuary Room of the Conference Baptist Church 27154 North Turkey Creek Road, Evergreen)
  • Pack 507: Tuesday Mar 23 6:30 pm (King-Murphy Elementary School)

CRITICAL DEADLINES AND SIGNUPS - These are in the troop calendar and, as a reminder, in Announcements. Please see announcements.

UPCOMING - Click here for the current Troop Calendar.

ADULT TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES. (…it’s not just an opportunity, it’s an expectation…)

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Complete listing. Register online at www.Denverboyscouts.org.

Matt Wickham

Scoutmaster, Troop 737

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