Weekly Post, January 31, 2010

Post date: Jan 31, 2010 10:09:46 PM

Greetings Scouts, Scouters, and Parents,

Order of the Arrow Elections and Ceremony. Tomorrow night is Order of the Arrow Elections and Ceremony. It is imperative that we have everyone attend - there is an attendence requirements for the elections to take place. WEAR WARM CLOTHING - WE WILL BE OUTSIDE PART OF THE NIGHT. Also, the deadline to sign up for Annual Timberline District Klondike Derby Campout is Monday Night , Feb 1!!!

Scout Sunday. February 7 is Scout Sunday. 10:30 Service at ELC. We will be arranging a contingent to usher during the service, bring a cake, do a reading, and prepare for and make an announcement about the 100 year anniversary of scouting. Mr. Trower will be arranging this as the SMIC. Please volunteer - this is one of the ways we honor and thank our charter organization and raise the visibility of Scouting in the community.

Webelos Crossovers. It is that time of the year. Mr. Kerber is arranging the crossovers and will have a sign up book at the Monday meeting. The goal would be to have a minimum of 4 scouts and two adults for each crossover. Den Chiefs must attend to receive credit for the position for advancement. Scheduled crossovers are:

    • Pack 39: Tuesday Feb 23 6:30pm (Sanctuary Room of the Conference Baptist Church 27154 North Turkey Creek Road, Evergreen)
    • Pack 50: Thursday Feb 18 6:00pm (Evergreen High School cafeteria)
    • Pack 285: Friday Feb 19th 6:30pm (Shepherd of the Rockies Lutheran Church - 106 Rosalie Rd, Bailey)

Mr. Wickham InRecognito. For your information, I will not be at the February 1 meeting due to a change in my business travel. I will also be largely incommunicado from this Friday (January 29) until the following Saturday ( February 6).

Automobile Maintenance Merit Badge. Mr. Riley and Mr. Wagenhals will be pulling an engine and replacing the crank shaft. The project is 2-3 weeks out, but if you are interested in participating, it will go a long way toward your Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge. Contact Mr. Riley.

Training. Where swimming or boating is included in the program, Safe Swim Defense and/or Safety Afloat standards are to be followed. If climbing/rappelling is included, then Climb on Safely (which recommends the American Red Cross' standard first aid and When Help is Delayed or equivalent course) must be followed. One adult in the group must be trained for each activity. At least one person must be trained in CPR from any recognized agency for Safety Afloat and Climb on Safely. At least one adult must have the following training: Youth Protection and Planning and Preparing for Hazardous Weather training. Training is available on Myscouting.org. See below.


These are now in the troop calendar and, as a reminder, in Announcements. The deadline to sign up for Annual Timberline District Klondike Derby Campout is Monday Night , Feb 1!!! Please see announcements regarding:

· Upcoming deadlines

· Service Patrol

· Philmont 2011

· Merit Badges for this round of advancement

· Truck Transportation MB, American Business MB, Pioneer Trails MB, and First Aid MB

· Historic Merit Badges

· Council Order of the Arrow Banquet

UPCOMING - Click here for the current Troop Calendar.

ADULT TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES. (…it’s not just an opportunity, it’s an expectation…)

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Matt Wickham

Scoutmaster, Troop 737

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