Weekly Post, December 1, 2013

Post date: Dec 1, 2013 7:03:28 PM

Hello Troop 737,

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.

Hey Scouts, how would you like to own this awesome Buck knife, Viper model with simulated snake skin?

Troop 737 is raffling off this knife in December and here is how the raffle works:

· Scouts earn a raffle ticket by being on time for each meeting

· Scouts coming in full uniform: shirt, scarf, slide and pants earn a raffle ticket

· Scouts present at the end of circle time also earn a raffle ticket.

o You can earn up to 3 raffle tickets per meeting

· Near the end of the last meeting in December, the 16th, a winning ticket will be drawn and you need to be present to win.

Speaking of the last meeting in December, we will be having a Holiday party/game night and all Parents and Siblings are invited. Come celebrate the season with other scout families by playing board games and having a good time.

I would also like to remind parents of the Adult Brainstorming session this Friday night at 6:00 p.m., see below for more info.

Parents, circle time, which usually starts about 8pm, is for you also. This is another way to learn about all the happenings of the Troop. You are also welcome to make announcements during this time. Also, if you need to sign up your scout for an upcoming event or if you need to make a payment, please come in before 8pm. Our treasurer and events coordinator need to pack up and get home to their families. Thank you!

Here is a list of upcoming events:

· December 2 Troop Meeting 6:30 – 8pm Scout Skills Service patrol is the Sharks. Please show up 15 minutes early to help set up. We will be working on knot tying, first aid, flag ceremony and lashings. If you are a Troop Guide or Instructor, this is your time to shine so please be at this meeting if at all possible.

· December 6 Adult Brainstorming session 6:00 – 10pm. We will be serving dinner so come early and enjoy some food and fellowship. Session will start 6:30 to 7. Troop 737 is an excellent troop but we can always make it better. If you have some ideas on how we can make Troop 737 better, please plan on joining us. I would especially like to hear from people who were in scouts as a youth and people who have recently been involved in other troops.

· December 6 Winter Camp Training Prep 7pm. Trainers will organize the next day’s activities and then hang out and have some fun with your friends. Bring Class A uniform, sleeping bag, pad, pillow, personal items, movies, games and snacks. NOTE: Trainers are welcome to come to dinner with adults for Brainstorming session.

· December 7 Winter Camp Training 8:30am – 9am Check-in 9am - 2pm Training This is a very important training for our new scouts. You must attend this training once, if you want to go on any of our outdoor winter camping trips, which is November through March! This is true for adults also. Every year we are asked to bend on this policy but we have never made an exception. The Leadership Team feels that this training is essential for safety of scouts and adults. We also want to make sure everyone has a good winter camping experience.

· December 9 Troop Meeting 6:30 – 8pm Patrol Boxes Service patrol is the Sharks. Please show up 15 minutes early to help set up. Each patrol will be responsible cleaning, taking inventory and restocking a patrol box. Adults, we need to do the same for the “Old Goat’s” Patrol box. This will be the last time you can sign up for the Lock-in.

· December 13 – 14 Lock-in at Wulf Rec Center This is one of our most popular events. The pool, gym and gymnastics room will be open. Thank to Mr. O’Connor for stepping up to HALO this event.

· December 16 Troop Meeting 6:30 – 8pm Holiday Party/Game night Service patrol is the Sharks. Please show up 15 minutes early to help set up. All parents and siblings are welcome. Come celebrate the season and have some fun playing board games.

Other important dates:

· March 23 – 29 Spring Break Arches Family Campout We have reserved a group site in Arches National Park. This is a tent only campground that will accommodate 35 campers.

· June 19 – July 3 Philmont If you have signed up for Philmont, the first and second payments are due now. We still do have room so if you are at all interested, please sign up or contact me or Mr. Riley. Philmont is one of the premier scouting events of any scout’s career. All of the scouts and adults who went last time had an awesome time and highly recommend that everyone should take advantage of this opportunity. Troop 737 was VERY lucky to get a chance to go again so quickly. There is a very good chance that if you are 14 or older, you may not get another chance to go Philmont. If cost is an issue, please contact me and we will see what we can work out.