Weekly Post; August 27, 2011

Post date: Aug 27, 2011 10:55:52 PM

Greetings Troop 737! It's time for our first meeting. There will be a lot going on tomorrow, from slide shows of our summer camps to announcements and sign ups. You won't want to miss this meeting. Monday will be the first and last day to sign up for two of our first activities so pay particular attention to those items in red below.

We need everyone to take a look at Tom Smith's email about the need for the National Boy Scout health form. This form will be required for the first campout. Participation will not be allowed with out it. I have attached that form to this announcement, please see down below.

The HALO list is now posted and I want to thank those individuals that signed up to help our troop. You all rock and is is you that make our troop go!

Service Patrol:

The service patrol for August and September are the Alligators.

Sign up Deadlines:

  • Troop Garage Cleanup - Last day to sign up is the August 29th Meeting - No Cost, lunch provided by your adult leaders.
  • Timberline District Shooting Sports Camporee - Last day to sign up is the August 29th Meeting - Cost is $38 to cover shooting, food and transportation.

Troop News:

  • Since there is no new news, here is last week's again.
  • I have to mention the GROVE Sale again. This was a big success thanks to all the scouts and adults from Troop 737! The church has posted a big thank you sign near our 100 Eagles Plaque in our meeting room. You should all feel proud to be part of this troop and for giving of your time like you did. Good Job 737!
  • Congratulations to Ryan Johnson on his attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. He has been added to our Eagles Nest, and is having his Eagle Court of Honor on September 11, at 2 PM at the Indian Hills Christian Fellowship Church. Please see the separate email that Mr and Mrs Johnson sent and RSVP right on of that email.
  • Congratulations also to Alexander Wood for his accomplishment on completing his OA Brotherhood and to Mitch Hoffman and Nick Mizenko on completing their Ordeal.
  • Now the bad news: Every scout and scouter in the troop will have to fill out the BSA National Health form ASAP. The council and district will no longer accept the older Colorado From. I will attach the current form to this posting for your use. I will let Tom Smith give you all the details, but just know this, you do not have to go out and get a physical right away if you are not due. For activities less then 72 hours, you can fill out and sign Part A.


Scoutmaster Invitational: Will be reschedule in some form, later in the autumn.

August 29 at 6:30 PM: Our first troop meeting for the year: I will not post every troop meeting, but I will ask you to reference the troop calendar. Our first meeting will be to share some photos and stories of our two summer camps this year. There will also be many announcements so you are not going to want to miss this one.

September 10: Trailer and Garage Cleanup: This is a service project to ourselves. Let's pitch in, clean up and organize our gear for the coming year. Lunch will be purchased and cooked by adult volunteers. This counts as service hours! Exact time will be determined by your PLC and be posted as soon as I have them. Plan on morning to mid afternoon. Mr Summar is the HALO for this activity and he will provide us with details shortly. Uniform is work clothing and bring work gloves. We will be getting dirty and maybe a little wet cleaning our gear.

September 16 through 18: Timberline District Shooting Sports Camporee: I have just posted a bunch of details on this event, so please go to the calendar and read up on it. An important note is that we are eligible for advanced registration if we get our payment in by September 1, so the last day to sign up is also our first meeting. The cost of this campout is $18 each participant for participation and shooting, and $20 for food. Mr McCabe is the HALO for this campout.

September 19: Our first Court of Honor for the year. Details will be planed by your PLC, but you don't want to miss all the awards earned over the summer.

September 25: Buffalo Creek Mountain Biking Day Trip: Mr Holloway is the HALO and is working on the details for this activity.

Please make sure that you keep an eye on the calendar and your emails, and I will see you soon.

Mr Hoffman


  • Mountain Bike Day Trip - Last day to sign up is the September 12th Meeting - No Cost
  • Wilderness Survival Backpack Camp Out - Last day to sign up is the September 26th Meeting - $ TBD