Weekly Post, August 22, 2010

Post date: Aug 22, 2010 7:23:28 PM

Welcome back!

It’s that time of the year when restart the troop for the fall/spring 2010/2011 season. That means it’s time for me to start issuing weekly announcements. We have some time critical items:

Signups – We have a lot of activities in September and October. Please look at the calendar and discuss with your parents the activities you want to participate in. Some signups are going to need to be made in the next week or so. Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) Family Campout signups need to be made ASAP (see below).

Patrol Leader’s Council – This MONDAY NIGHT. 6:30, ELC. No regular troop meeting. Please bring your notebooks. There is a lot to plan out. Attendees include:



· PL and APLs

· Scribe

· Webmaster, if something to report

First troop meeting – Monday night, August 30, 6:30, ELC. Presentation by our National Jamboree contingent and RMNP campout prep.

Committee and SMIC positions – Bless everyone who has signed up for a position. We still have lots of vacancies for both committee positions and SMIC for events. Most critical is the SMIC for the Rocky Mountain National Park Family Campout coming up Friday September 10th through Sunday September 12th.

Rocky Mountain National Park Family Campout – Friday September 10th through Sunday September 12th. The Scouts have decided that the first camping trip of the year will be to RMNP. Since the date will only allow one meeting before we go, it has been decided to have a virtual signup. Permission slips will still have to be signed before we go. Of course Medicals for Scouts must be up to date. This will be a family camping trip. But Scouts without camping families are welcome. Meet at 5:30 on Friday and return at 1 pm on Sunday. Eat Dinner at home on Friday. SMIC – need volunteers. Here’s the details:

· This will be at the Moraine Group Campgrounds. We need someone to go up early to claim the spot since there are no reservations.

· Tents only are permitted in this area. (if you want to bring an RV you will have to make your own arrangements)

· Five vehicles are permitted at the site. All others will have to be parked at an overflow lot.

· Water will be turned off so we will need to bring the water buffaloes (let us know if you can pull the green trailer)

· Costs - There is a $20 per vehicle entrance fee. Therefore each Scout will be charged $5 to offset this cost with the drivers being reimbursed accordingly. Camping fee is $3 per person per night. Meals will be by patrol and will be $15. Families may join the “Adults” at a cost of $15 per person (will be well worth the money)

· Families that elect to cook for themselves do not have to pay the food fee (but their Scouts must eat with their patrol) If you are having steak invite the SMIC over for dinner.

· Send the following information to

· Ed Scutellaro, ed@wispertel.net

o Names and ages of those staying (just say adult for those over 21)

o If you can drive one or both ways (even if you are not staying)

o If you are eating with the Adults

o Indicate if you can pull either of the two trailers

o Indicate that you would love to be SMIC (actually very easy for this trip).

o Tell us whether you will be giving a check to the treasurer at the meeting or the funds are to be taken out of the Scout’s account.

o Total cost for Scout $26.

o Total cost for family members eating with Adults $21

o Total cost for family members eating on their own $6

Scoutmaster Invitational backpacking trip – I have not yet rescheduled the Scoutmaster Invitational. I will be doing so soon, aiming for some time in September. Before then, I will be sending out invitations to those who have contibuted mightely this past year to our troop. It's my way of saying thanks. Nykko and I are really looking forward to it.

See you soon.

Mr. Wickham