Weekly Post, August 17, 2014

Post date: Aug 18, 2014 3:13:35 AM

Hello Troop 737

Welcome Back!! It is hard to believe that summer is almost over and school starts tomorrow, if not already for some. I am very excited about a fun, exciting and productive year!

We had 3 fantastic events this summer: Philmont, Camp Dietler at Peaceful Valley and Island Park Scout camp in Idaho. I want to thank the HALOs (Head Adult Leader Organizer) for each of these events: Sean Riley, Mike O’Connor and Bill Westfall. You guys did a great job in organizing these events. I also want to thank the SPLs (Senior Patrol Leaders): Mason Force, Clay Robertson and Mason Force. Yes, Mason was SPL twice. You guys did a great job in leading the scouts. Everyone had a great time and it was amazing how many merit badges were earned this summer. Well Done Scouts!!

I also want to say Thank You and Goodbye to the Winters family. Mr. Winters did a fantastic job as our adult Quartermaster for the last few years. Mrs. Winters was a merit badge counselor on many occasions. Jack finished his Eagle project a few days before the family moved back to Missoula, Montana. He cut it close but he got it DONE! Then Wyatt and the rest of the family met us in Idaho during our time at Island Park. You all will be missed, but you are always welcome to visit. Jack, if there is anything we can do to get those last few merit badges you need for your Eagle just let us know. We would love to help you with your Court of Honor, if you so choose. Wyatt, good luck with your new Troop.

Thank you to Caroline Cline for organizing all the scouts for prepping for the Grove Sale. Also, thank you for all the scouts who volunteered their time and muscle. Thanks for supporting our charter organization.

The troop calendar is set, so go to the website and take a look at all the great events and outings we have scheduled this year. We will do our best to keep to these dates, but sometimes we do have to change things.

Upcoming signup deadlines

September 15 is the last day to sign up for the Timberline District Camporee.

.Here is a list of upcoming events:

August 21 Program Committee Meeting 6:30 pm ELC Formally the Assistant Scoutmasters meeting. All adults are welcome. We will go over the upcoming Troop activities.

August 21 Troop Committee meeting 7:15pm ELC All adults are welcome. This is when the business of the Troop is discussed. There are quite a few open positions on the committee.

August 25 Troop Meeting 6:30 – 8pm ELC PLC meeting (Patrol Leaders Council) If you are a Patrol Leader or in a troop leadership position please come and help plan the upcoming Troop activities. If you are a Patrol Leader and you cannot make it to this meeting you need to talk to your assistant Patrol Leader or someone in your Patrol so that all Patrols are represented at the PLC.

September 1 No meeting Labor Day

September 5 Parents Potluck Dinner 6:30 pm ELC Come learn about the upcoming Troop events and how you can help out. Also get to know some of the other adults in the Troop. REMINDER: We ask that every family has at least one adult who does something for the Troop. It takes a community to run a quality scout Troop. Yes, scouts do like to go camping and learn outdoor skills but there are plenty of jobs that do not involve camping.

September 8 Troop Meeting 6:30 – 8pm ELC First Troop meeting

September 19 - 21 Timberline District Camporee Leave 6pm Friday return Sunday 1pm. Camporee will be up at Kenosha pass. More details to follow.

October 4 & 5 Air Force Football game campout Scout Day at Air Force. Come see Air Force play Navy and campout in the parking lot.

November 7 - 9 Survival campout Leave 6pm Friday return Sunday 1pm. Come learn survival skills and earn you survival merit badge.