Troop Webpage - Phase I

Post date: Jan 2, 2010 10:45:21 PM


At long last, Phase I of the Troop 737 Website has been rolled out. Here’s some critical information you should know before you check it out. The purpose of the site is to provide:

  • Information about our troop to prospective Webelos and new scouts
  • A searchable resource to our troop scouts and parents about our troop
  • A current searchable calendar of activities with details about each activity (including secure sign up rosters)
  • Troop announcements

Weekly emails will be discontinued following some appropriate weaning period.


The site includes both open and secure Members Only areas. Open areas can be accessed by anyone on the internet. The secure area contains sensitive and confidential information about scouts and parents accessible only by username and password. This is a BSA requirement for youth protection. It further protects against identify theft. A select few ASMs, SMICs, and Committee members will be given selected collaborator privileges. You will be contacted separately with a different username and password that will allow editorial privileges to selected pages. Full administrative privileges at this time are limited to our current Webmaster and Scoutmaster.


Some self control was exercised during Phase I to “eat the elephant one bite at a time”. Phase 2 will include improvements in content and functionality that will be implemented with the passage of time. Efforts in progress include formatting for consistency between pages, uploading photos for activities, adjustments to content, and correction of errors.

All feedback is welcome. For any ideas about the site and troop (e.g. activities, rules), The Members Only area has a special Suggestions section which will be managed by our Scout Webmaster. Some pages have a comment blog at the footer for anyone to (a) identify and correct errors, (b) to clarify, and (c) add additional relevant information. Please be careful what you post in comments (no Scout names!) since the world will be able to see your comments.


You can access the site at We also own Either will work. A huge thanks to Mr. Force, our adult Webmaster, for getting the ball rolling and handling the difficult bits; to our Scout Webmaster for his wonderful ideas; and to those who contributed to the site’s content during its development.