T737 - Boundary Waters (Ely) Canoe Trip Update and Deadline Reminder

Post date: Jan 6, 2011 4:19:31 AM

Don’t miss an opportunity of a life time.

Attention Scouts and Parents of Troop 737. The Scouts in the planning for their 2011 activities identified that they wanted to go to the Boundary Waters for their “High Adventure Trip”. Troop 737’s high retention rate of 14-16 year old Scouts (one pictured at left) and extraordinary high percentage of Scouts reaching the rank of Eagle can be partially attributed to our Troop’s annual High Adventure Trips. Tentative plans have been made and adult leaders have volunteered. Because of the need to make reservations, obtain the necessary permits and begin the planning for the trip, it is imperative (I think that is French for really really important) for Scouts and interested Parents to sign up NOW.

The deadline to sign up is Monday February 7th.

Plans for this year’s trip include inviting Scouts and Parents from Troop 400 and Troop 888. For the Trip to happen, a minimum of 24 (Scouts and Adults) need to commit to going, any fewer than 3 full crews would make the cost and logistics of the trip more expensive. To date we tentatively have three crews, one for Troop 737, one for Troop 400, and one for Troop 888. But, there is plenty of room and we need more to sign up… SO HAVE THAT TALK.

For questions or to sign up, call Mr. B at 303-838-1240. Mr. B is willing to talk to Scouts and Parents regarding, dates, costs, travel plans, etc.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. If you have gone, go again. If you are thinking about it, call someone who has gone. If you are already signed up, call your friends and get them to sign up.

FYI, several parents have also volunteered to help conduct special fund raising for this trip.

On behalf of Mr. B,

Matt Wickham

Scoutmaster, Troop 737 - The Mountain Troop

(720) 318 2219