Scoutmaster Invitational, 2010

Post date: Sep 15, 2010 2:18:45 PM

This page provides details for the SM Invitational.


Attendees (headcount is 14):

Trower - 3

Kerber - 1

Hoffman - 1

Johnson - 2

Force - 2

Sperry - 2

Riley -2

Wickham - 1


September 17-19, 5 PM at ELC. Please meet at ELC at 5 on Friday. Eat dinner before you come or bring a sack dinner. We will need to leave shortly after that once we distribute group food, common gear, etc. Leave room in your pack for common gear and food. We will drive to the trailhead, which is past Fairplay on 285 to Park County Road 22 (Weston Pass Road). For those that care, we will be hiking clockwise on the loop. We will be hiking in the dark on Friday night, so be prepared with a headlamp/flashlight. We will hike out on Sunday morning, returing to ELC by mid afternoon. You will need to call your parents on the trip home to arrange for transportation to your home from ELC.


Buffalo Peaks Wilderness Area near Weston Pass (just beyond Fairplay). Also see attachment at the end of this announcement. No current county-wide Fire Ban for Park County at this time.


An 11 mile loop backpacking trip. We’ll arrive Friday evening, hike a bit past dark to a camping area with headlamps. We’ll hike on Saturday, and fish along the way. We’ll make camp that night and hike out on Sunday.


From the troop quartermaster, we will provide the following (please let me know if I've forgotten something):

    • Cooking pots and cooking utencils
    • Camp stoves and fuel (2)
    • Backpacking tents and ground cloths if needed (please let me know today if you need a tent)
    • Water bladders (to fill at camp)
    • Water filters (2)

Mr. Hoffman and I will be going through troop gear tonight at the garage.

Consult the equipment lists on this site. You will need to bring anything else you might require that the troop is not providing, such as:

    • Wear your Class A's for travel.
    • Your backpack
    • Clothes and extra socks, remember layering
    • Coat and sweater
    • Sunscreen
    • A plate/bowl, cup and eating utencils
    • Personal hygene items
    • Hats - one for sun, one for cold
    • Sleeping pad and bag (3 season or better)
    • A backpacking tent - we can buddy up at ELC
    • Water bottles, with water
    • Fishing equipment and licenses, if you want
    • 10 Essentials


Eat before or bring your Friday dinner. Bring your own snacks for the trail. The troop will provide Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as Sunday breakfast and lunch. I will bring instant coffee for the hopelessly addicted.


The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend. But, that does not mean it won't be cold at night. Be prepared for cold nighttime conditions.






72° F | 38° F

72° F | 38° F

74° F | 38° F

74° F | 38° F

76° F | 36° F