New Leadership Team

Post date: Mar 4, 2015 2:41:20 AM

Here is the new leadership team. See you at the ILST training this Saturday at the church 9 – 12:30. If there are any changes or additions let me know.

Special note; I did not get anything from the new scout patrol, name or leadership positions.

Leadership roster for Spring 2015 – Fall 2015

Positions preceded by a (P) are members of the PLC

Primary Leadership:

(P) Senior Patrol Leader: Devin Thompson

(P) ASPL - Special Events: NA

(P) ASPL - Meetings: Joe McCabe

(P) ASPL - Outings: Gabe Elson

Quartermaster 1: Adam Westfall

Quartermaster 2: Jonathan Landin

Quartermaster 3: Jared Catterson

(P) Scribe: Colter Snyder

Historian: Andrew Dickson

Chaplain Aide: Nolan Bly

(P) Troop Guide: Quin Goslau

Instructor 1: Ethan Halingstad

Instructor 2: Adicus Pond

(P) Webmaster: Sean Kraemer

Bugler: Collin O’Connor

OA Representative: Vacant

Leave No Trace Trainer: Vacant

Special Leadership

(P) Junior Assistant Scoutmaster: Cole Wagenhals

(P) Junior Assistant Scoutmaster: Josh Sperry

Patrol Leadership:

Patrol Leader(P), Assist. Patrol Leader, Patrol Quatermaster

Stags: Paul Tesseo Vacant 2

Serpents: Cameron Fitzgerald, Vacant 2

Titans/NFE: Sawyer Halingstad, Vacant 2

Falcons: Andrew Dickson, Vacant 2

Sharks: Evan Robertson, Adicus Pond, Vacant 1

Barracudas: Graham Dixon, Quin Goslau, Vacant 1

Diamondbacks: Aidan Plaehn, Luke Schiffers, Nolan Bly

Spartans: Jonah Eves, Zack Barns, Aramis Pond

New Scouts: Vacant 3

Den Chiefs

Arimas Pond, Zach Barns - 400

Luke Schiffers - 39