Merit Badges (beginning January 2010)

Post date: Jan 18, 2010 1:39:26 AM

You may remember the merit badge signups last year. You were each asked to sign up for two merit badges and rank them as 1 for your first choice, or 2 for your second choice. There were a lot of signups for merit badges of all kinds. Some are best done at summer camp. Others are best done on a weekend (such as Aviation). Others we don't have counselors for. While we wish we could offer every badge that someone signed up for, we have to limit it to the most popular 6 or so.

Here are your most popular merit badges that we will be offerring this spring:

I encourage all of you who don't need any of the Eagle Required (*) merit badges to take Nuclear Science if you have not already. It's not what you think!!! Nuclear science gives us a simple explanation of the natural world. The ultimate goal of nuclear science is to find out if there is one fundamental rule that explains how matter and forces interact. Earning the Nuclear Science merit badge is a chance for Scouts to learn about this exciting field at the cutting edge of science today.

Merit Badge descriptions can be found on our website by clicking here.