January 10, 2016

Post date: Jan 11, 2016 1:07:27 AM

Hello Troop 737,

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Troop activity night. I think everyone who was there had a great time. Congratulations to Evan and Clay Robertson who beat the Scoutmaster in the Scoutmaster Challenge and received a free root beer float.

Thank you for Dan Osborn for taking a group of scouts to Okpik. I am sure they had a great time and learned a lot.

Monday night will be the PLC (Patrol Leader’s Council) meeting. If you are a Patrol Leader or in a troop leadership position please come and help plan the upcoming Troop activities. If you are a Patrol Leader and you cannot make it to this meeting you need to talk to your assistant Patrol Leader or someone in your Patrol so that all Patrols are represented at the PLC.

The Winter Blast will be January 23 and 24 at Snow Mountain Ranch, the YMCA camp up in Grand County. We will be tubing, swimming, roller skating and cross country skiing. See below for more information. Thanks to Michael Force and Pete Schiffers, we are trying our new electronic sign up and payment system for the first time. Please see the information below or Pete Schiffers earlier emails. We only have a total of 12 spots, including adults, so sign up early. We may be able to add more spots later.

Upcoming signup deadlines

January 18th for Winter Blast, January 23 – 24 See electric signup info below.

Scoutmaster Minute Review

Activity night, no SM minute

Here is a list of upcoming events:

You can always check out the full schedule on the Troop website at: https://sites.google.com/a/themountaintroop.org/troop-737-home/troop-calendar

January 11, 2016 Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) meeting 6:30 – 8pm ELC If you are a Patrol Leader or in a troop leadership position please come and help plan the upcoming Troop activities. If you are a Patrol Leader and you cannot make it to this meeting you need to talk to your assistant Patrol Leader or someone in your Patrol so that all Patrols are represented at the PLC.

January 22 - 24 Winter Blast at Snow Mountain Ranch Leave ELC at 10 AM. Spend the time tubing, cross country skiing and all the activities available at the Camp. Back before dinner on Sunday.

Recording service hours. For most rank advancements there some requirement of service hours. This is going to be especially true when the new BSA requirements are implemented next year. These service hours need to be recorded in the Advancement computer by the Advancement Chair, Mr. Landin, in order to meet this requirement. If a scout participates in a troop service project like an Eagle project there should be a sign in sheet and those hours will be recorded. But what about service opportunities that are not troop sponsored. These could be things like volunteering for a non-profit origination, church or school. If there is a question as to whether a project qualifies please ask the Scoutmaster. Scouts need to have some kind of written proof of service hours. There is a form on the troop website under forms that can be used


There is also a Service log page behind the rank requirement pages in the Scout hand book. Both of these forms need to be signed by an adult, preferable not by a parent if possible. It should be signed by the adult in charge. These then need to be taken to Mr. Landin to be recorded in the Advancement computer.

Hello Troop 737! Why wait to sign up for our Winter Blast event until our next full meeting when you can sign up online right now??!!

We've gotten a good amount of interest in our "Winter Blast" event scheduled for 1/23 & 1/24 up at Snow Mountain Ranch! Again, we'll be tubing, swimming, cross country skiing (or snow shoeing), and generally having a blast! So far we've got one of the two cabins that we'd originally reserved full and we hope to have to reserve several more cabins! Each cabin can sleep 6 scouts (5 beds and one scout on the floor) so, time is of the essence if you're wanting to go as registration ends on Monday night, 1/18/16 after our scout meeting!

The cost per scout (or adult) is $56 each and this includes your bed, three meals (dinner on 1/23, and breakfast & lunch on 1/24), and access to all of the free activities available at the ranch. Cross-country ski or snow shoe rentals will be an additional charge-unless you bring your own equipment- and rentals will cost $17/scout 12 years and older (or adults) . We also suggest each attendee bring $20 for meals or snacks on the way up to Granby and back (figure $100/attendee bottom line to be safe).


- Please go to: http://mountaintroop737.mytroop.us/node/1008 to access our Troop 737's Members Only page.

- You will then be directed to Login. To do so, hit the "Login" tab on the upper left hand side of the page.

- You will then be asked to enter your Username (which is "member") and Password (which is"camping737") then hit the "Log In" tab underneath.

- Then click on the "Register" button and type your scout's name in the "Scouts" box and then hit the "Select Name" box.

- This takes you to a listing of the scout and pre-registered family members where you select which members are attending by clicking the "yes" circle to the right of the attendee's name.

- This will take you to a confirmation page listing which of the scouts (and family members) have chosen to attend. Once reviewed, click on the "Add to Cart" button.


If you are going to pay Wendy Barber (our treasurer) with a check or, out of your scout account at our next regular meeting on 1/18 then you are done and just need to pay her that night to go.

Wendy will then advise me of your payment and we'll see that you are properly registered.

If you'd instead prefer to pay online you can follow the directions (below) and pay with either a personal credit card or through PayPal. No need to pay Wendy thereafter as you already did online!

- Hit the "View Cart" tab which shows a summary of attendees and directs you to "Checkout".

- This then takes you to the page where you can pay your scout/parental attendance dues either through PayPal or with a credit card

We're looking forward to seeing as many of you there as we can! The snow tubing, cafeteria, and heated pool are guaranteed to be just a few of the highlights! Not to mention, this would be a great opportunity to get a jump on your Winter Sports Merit Badge!

Service Hours Opportunities::Always wear Class B uniform or if appropriate Class A