Golden Rec Center Lockin - Details

Post date: Nov 29, 2011 11:21:21 PM


What is this Lockin thing?

This is our annual Golden Rec Center Lockin. We spend all night indoors playing dodgeball, basketball, climbing, swimming, cards, and generally running amuck. Some people sleep (more like collapse), but most don’t. The center provides an all night monitor, a lifeguard, and a climbing wall instructor. We will have at least 2 adult troop leaders present at all times (we have 11 adults total). We have pizza at midnight to refuel. No one is allowed to enter or leave – the doors are locked – unless a parent is present or they have pizza. Or chicken wings. Or you show up at the Center later in the evening. Expect your son to sleep on Sunday; he will be exhausted.


At the end of this email is a list of those who are signed up, paid, need health forms, and agreed to drive. Let me know of any changes. The list is closed.

Administrative matters:

Cost for 737 scouts and adults: $30 per person

Cost for Webelos and their parents: FREE!

If you have not paid, please pay Mr. Wickham at the church.

All parents must have signed the permission slip (see Mr. Wickham at the church – no drop and go’s) and have provided a BSA health form, which you can bring completed to the church. The BSA health form is attached – no doctor’s signature necessary. Simple - no health form, no go. We have to have medical information for everyone in case of an emergency.

Please eat dinner before. We will have pizza at midnight, and scouts are encouraged to bring snacks.


Depart Evergreen Lutheran Church at 6:00 PM, Saturday night, December 3

Open swimming: 7:30 – 10 PM

Trail to First Class swimming requirements: 7:30 to 8:30 (see Mr. Wickham). Bring your Scout Books to get signed off!

Climbing wall: 7:30 – 10 PM

Pizza: midnightish

Sleep: NEVER!

Depart Golden Recreation Center 6:00 AM, Sunday morning, December 4

Arrive Evergreen Lutheran Church at 6:30-6:45 AM, Sunday morning, December 4


Evergreen Lutheran Church

5980 Highway 73, Evergreen CO 80439

Golden Recreation Center

1470 10th Street, Golden CO 80401


This is the hardest part of organizing this many people. We ALL need to meet at the Evergreen Lutheran Church, drive down together, and return together. There are 69 souls on this trip – we need all the seats we can get! We are short on drivers at this time – if we can get all the adults attending to drive, we might have enough seats. If the Webelos parents can drive, please let me know ASAP along with the number of seatbelts. YOU MUST LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE IF YOU CANCEL OR WILL NOT BE TRAVELING WITH THE GROUP – INCLUDING WEBELOS – SO WE HAVE ENOUGH DRIVERS, PROPER HEADCOUNTS, AND DO NOT WAIT FOR YOU AT THE CHURCH. If you do drive separately and arrive later, we WILL open the doors for you.

Recommended Gear:

Swimsuit and towel

Climbing clothes and footwear

Sleeping gear (pad, bag, Yoda jammies…)

Toothbrush (yeah, right)


Dodge balls (rubber or foam only)

Boy Scout books

Water bottle

Appropriate DVDs and games


Adult in charge and emergency contact:

Matt Wickham

(720) 318-2219


Mr. Wickham