Eagle Project Idea

Post date: Jan 27, 2010 3:53:28 AM

Life Scouts,

I received this email from an alumni from our troop about a possible Eagle Project.

"I am an alumni of Troop 737, and over 10 years ago Mike McCabe, Jim Fuchs, myself and some others all did our Eagle Projects in a nature trail area just south of Bergen Park Elementary School. Recently I was in Bergen Park doing a Walkability Audit which took me past this nature trail area, I noticed that the bridges are in disrepair. My own Eagle Project which is the easternmost pedestrian bridge is missing a couple of boards in the walkway and a section of handrail. I also noticed lots of footprints in the snow, so people are using this nature trail.

Do you know of any kids looking to do an Eagle Project anytime soon that might restore/rehabilitate some of these projects? If so I'd be willing to help out, it would also be fun to meet some of the kids in the troop now.

Thank you for your consideration,

Will Kerns, AICP

Transportation Planner

Jefferson County Transportation and Engineering Division

100 Jefferson County Pkwy. Suite 3500

Golden, CO 80419

Office 303-271-8497

Cell 303-478-6135

Fax 303-271-8490"

Please let me know if you are interested.

Mr. Wickham