Accessing the Troop Calendar with Microsoft Outlook

Post date: Mar 22, 2010 1:30:45 PM

You can access the Troop calendar from our website with live updates through Microsoft Outlook. It will display as another calendar in Outlook. I am using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Here are the steps.

In Outlook, go to Tools, then to Account Settings... Click on the Internet Calendars tab and select New...

You will be asked to "Enter the location of the Internet Calendar you want to add to Outlook:" Cut and paste in the following link:

This will take you to Subscription Options, where you can name the Folder (e.g. Troop 737 Calendar), and you can add a description if you want. You can also allow this subscription to include attachments, which we do add to calendar items. When done, click OK.

When you navigate back to Outlook Calendar, you will see the new calendar under Other Calendars on the control bar (mine is on the left). You can check the box for the new calendar and it should appear. At this point, there are options for displaying your calendars under View, for example View in Side-by-Side Mode or View in Overlay Mode.

Hopefully this works for you.

Matt Wickham