Merit Badge Counselors

Merit badge counselors are the key to success in the merit badge plan. They offer their time, experience, and knowledge to help guide Scouts in one or more of the merit badge subjects.

The counselor's responsibility is to
  • Assist the Scout as he plans the assigned projects and activities to meet the merit badge requirements.
  • Coach Scouts through interviews and demonstrations on how to do the required skills of the craft, business, or hobby.
  • Certify the Scout after determining whether he is qualified for the merit badge.

For those who are not currently a counselor

Because we have had so many scouts achieve their Eagle rank, and many of the parents are "retiring", we are in need of counselors! We are encouraging one parent from each scout family to chose at least one merit badge, or possibly two. If you have a vocation or an avocation, there is likely a merit badge for that subject. Please consider reviewing the list of merit badges to see if your favorite subject is there or, even better, discover another one that you didn’t think of!

For those who are counselors and those who want to be

We are definitely in need of counselors for the Eagle-required badges. Our goal is to have three or more counselors registered for each of these important merit badges.

For more information, please visit these pages

Counseling Overview

Time requirements and complexity for each MB

Some MBs have special requirements

Current Merit Badge Counselors (contact infomation can be found in the Troop Members Only section):

MB List w/Counselors ‎(by badge; as of 5/17)‎