Please contact the Committee Chairman ( about vacant positions or with changes in contact information.   For a description of position responsibilities, click here.
Administration Subcommittee

Christy Pond 303 697-0549 
Assist. Chairman:

Secretary: Vacant
Assist. Secretary: Vacant

Rechartering Coord.:  Vacant
Assist. Rechartering Coord: Vacant

Fundraising Coord.: Vacant
Assist.Fundraising Coord.: Vacant

Adult Volunteer Coord and Training Coord.Vacant
(Equiv. Scout Position: Troop Scribe)

Treasurer: John Anderson
Assist. Treasurer:
Webmaster: Jeff Robertson, 303-670-4220
Assist. Webmaster: Vacant
(Equiv. Scout Position: Webmaster)

New Family Contact:

Chaplain: Art Gutierrez 3
(Equiv. Scout Position: Chaplain's Aide)

Pack Liaison Coord.: Dan Osborn
Assist. Pack Liaison Coord.:

Pack Liaisons
(Equiv. Scout Positions: Den Chiefs)
Pack 39: Vacant
Pack 50:
Pack 119 Alex Eves
Pack 238 Vacant
Pack 285 Vacant
Pack 400 Christy Pond
Pack 435 Alan McCabe
Pack 497 Vacant
Pack 507
Pack 642 Ingred Palmer

Advancement Subcommittee

Chairman: Cheve Meyer
Assist. Chairman: Vacant

Review Board Coord.: Lindee Bly
Assist. Review Board Coord.: Vacant

COH Coord.: Vacant
Assist. COH Coord.: Vacant

Merit Badge Coord.: Vacant
Assist. Merit Badge Coord.: Vacant
(Equiv. Scout Position: Librarian)

Service Proj. Coord.: Vacant
Assist. Service Proj. Coord.: Vacant

Trail to 1st Class: Dave Kraemer
Assist. Trail to 1st Class: Vacant

1st Class to Life: Bill Plaehn
Assist. 1st Class to Life: Vacant

Life to Eagle: Bill Westfall
Assist. Life to Eagle: Vacant

Activities Sub-Committee

Transportation Czar: Vacant
Assist. Transportation Czar: Vacant

Quartermaster: Vacant
Assist. Quartermaster: Mark Bly
(Equiv. Scout Position: Quartermasters)

Summer Camp Coord.: Vacant
Assist. Summer Camp Coord.: Vacant

Youth Prot. Coord.: Vacant
Assist. Youth Prot. Coord.: Vacant

Uniform Coord.: Vacant
Assist. Uniform Coord.: Vacant

OA Coord.: Vacant
Assist. OA Coord.Vacant

Scout Show Coord.: Bill Westfall
Assist. Scout Show Coord.: Vacant